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Would you like to be a guest or sponsor of the Triangle Homeschool Resources Podcast?

Do you have a business, curriculum, service, or support group that would like to reach homeschoolers in North Carolina? Be a guest on The Triangle Homeschool Resources Podcast! If a podcast interview is not your thing, sponsor a broadcast!

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Be a guest on the podcast!

Share your advice and insights with Triangle area homeschoolers!

If you have a product or service that would be of interest to homeschool families, they want to know about it! Hearing about it from you – the founder, creator, teacher or mentor – is far better than a written ad, or even a blog post reviewing what you have to offer. It helps to create a personal connection that not only increases your visibility but also your credibility!

BUT our podcasts aren’t designed to be commercials. We want to provide real value and actionable takeaways to our audience.

You created your business because you have the expertise or experience behind what you’re offering. What knowledge about that can you share with parents? What can they learn from you that will lead them to use your product or service, or joining your organization?

If you’re offering music lessons, we could talk about:

  • The lifelong benefits of studying music
  • How to pick the right instrument for your child
  • How to study composers or the history of music
  • Easy ways to add music to your homeschool

Have a grammar curriculum or writing class? Tell our listeners more about:

  • How studying grammar can be less monotonous than we remember from our school days
  • Do you need to teach diagramming?
  • Common questions about teaching writing
  • How to help a struggling writer
  • Do kids need to write 5-paragraph essays?

Looking to build a following and an email list? To go along with your interview, create a download or coupon exclusively for Triangle Homeschool Resources Podcast listeners and we will set up an opt-in for your mailing list! Need assistance coming up with a topic or creating the value-add? We can schedule a marketing help session!

The process…

Prior to the podcast recording session, we will correspond via email to come up with a general plan for the podcast interview. Within a week before the recording, we will chat by video or phone to go over the final outline and answer any questions. Freebies or downloads are due for review the Tuesday prior to the scheduled recording.

Podcast recording sessions are scheduled for Fridays at noon Eastern time. Limited Mondays and alternative times are available upon request.

We use the StreamYard tool for a video chat. A laptop works better than a phone, but either is fine. Headphones or earbuds are required. A microphone external to your device is preferred.

Members of our subscription-based virtual support group, Triangle Homeschool Resource Village, are notified of the date and time of the interview. They can watch live on Facebook, ask questions, and comment in chat. Questions from the chat may be read by the host, but viewers are not seen or heard in the audio or video recordings. (A private recording session is available for a fee. Please email if interested.)

The session recording will be published as a podcast as soon as 3 days but no later than 3 weeks after the recording session. Notes and links will be included in the show notes. They will also be published, along with any available downloads, to a numbered page on The Triangle Homeschool Resource Center’s website.

You will get monthly updates of any email addresses that have opted to be shared when downloading your coupon, worksheet or other freebie. After that, a link to your own email opt-in page will be included in the download.

Sound good? Great! Let’s get a date on our calendars.

Pick Your Podcast Session Now


Schedule a Marketing Consultation

Whether you’d like to be a podcast guest or sponsor, creating a coupon, worksheet, information booklet or other takeaways to go along with your featured time on the podcast is a great way to build rapport with listeners. They’ll have something on their hard drive or in their hand to remind them of your product or service long after they’ve finished listening.

Creating coupons and freebies is time-consuming and sometimes knowing just what to offer to go along with your session might be enough to deter you from wanting to participate! But don’t miss out on this great marketing opportunity!

Schedule a marketing consultation to let me help you come up with an idea, create the download, and set up all of the mechanics behind it!

Remember that anyone downloading the coupon or freebie will enter their email address and be given the choice to opt-in to your email list as well as that of The Triangle Homeschool Resource Center for the first 3 months after the episode goes live! What a great list-builder!

Book a Marketing Consultation

Be a Sponsor!

Speaking on a podcast not your thing? No problem! You can still advertise with the podcast by being a sponsor!

Sponsorship includes:

  • Sponsor messaging at the beginning and end of podcast
  • Included in podcast episode graphic
  • Name and link in show notes on all podcast platforms including The Triangle Homeschool Resources website
  • Regularly scheduled social media posts with tag and/or link, at least 1 per month for 6 months

Purchase sponsorship from the Triangle Homeschool Resources shop and I will be in touch via email within 2 business days to collect all of the information needed to add your sponsorship to a broadcast!

Be a Sponsor!


Contact me any time at or 919-346-3098.

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