Homeschool 101

If you're considering homeschooling, just started, or find the whole thing too overwhelming to grasp... this workshop is for you!

Is thinking about homeschooling keeping you up at night?

Whether it’s because you’re not sure you have the patience, or you’re overwhelmed with curriculum choices, we’ll look at what it’s really all about so you can make good educational decisions for your family!

The session will cover:

  • Is homeschooling a good fit?
  • North Carolina Homeschool law
  • Myths and facts about homeschooling
  • From curriculum to college
  • The key to homeschool success
  • Where to go for more resources


This will be an interactive workshop with downloadable workbook and plenty of room for Q&A for live attendees!

For those who want the workshop info but are unable to attend live, all ticket holders will be emailed a link to the replay that will be available for one week following the event.

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