Homeschooling Success Comes From the Heart

“A Mother’s heart is the child’s classroom.” — Henry Ward Beecher

Such a simple turn of phrase, but it really gets down to the… well, the heart of what we’re doing as homeschoolers, doesn’t it? Whether it’s mom or dad in charge of the education — or you’re tackling it as a team — your heart has to be in it, or you wouldn’t go to all this trouble.

Homeschooling success comes from the heart

As I embark on leading another Homeschool Planning workshop, I face the same question that always leaves me wondering: do I warn these wide-eyed, overwhelmed parents about how deeply this journey might change them? Change their family? That the hard times will come, but persevering will be so worth it? Or do I just give my best pep talk about how well homeschoolers do compared to their public-schooling peers, and release them into the wilderness? (No, it’s not quite like that. I’ll always be here to lean on during the rough moments.)

In the end, I’ll just stick with the truth: Homeschooling is life-changing, for both the kids and the parents. It’s an adventure in lifelong learning.

Seeking to provide better opportunities for our children. Seeking knowledge about how to best educate. Researching the legalities and requirements. Finding the activities and communities that support our children and ourselves.

Do you see all of that learning YOU are doing just to scratch the surface of homeschooling?

It’s a lot of work. And sometimes the reward is so far distant, we question whether it’s worth it. Yet we press on.

(Wait, don’t click away… some encouragement is coming…)

We push forward for good reason: those kids are watching. No doubt about that. What you’re modeling for them just by embarking on this adventure is so full of amazing life lessons.

They’re learning that:

  • Education isn’t something that has a stopping point; it’s a lifelong process.
  • You don’t have to accept the status quo. You can change the situation for the better!
  • Things that are worth doing take work.
  • Your child is worth the risk and sacrifice of going against the grain.

“So cliché,” you say? Well, sure, but you must have learned those lessons yourself somewhere along the line. And I’m willing to bet they’re more useful to you than knowing the derivative of x*sin(x²)+1.

(Well, until your student takes algebra. Then you’ll want to Google PhotoMath. You’re welcome ?)

But, seriously…

These are the lessons that are the difference between a life fulfilled and a life full of wanting.

Put your all into it; do this homeschooling thing purposefully – not perfectly!

You’re giving your children the tools for life.

You’re teaching them from the heart.

And there, my friend, you will find your success.

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