Managing School At Home with Julie Mendez

010: Working While Managing School At Home with Julie Mendez

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Managing School At Home with Julie Mendez


Much of the world is struggling to manage education at home right now as the Coronavirus continues to disrupt business as usual. Just how do you work from home while homeschooling? Julie Mendez of shares her secrets from years of experience doing just that!

Tips and Links from the episode

Some tips for working and managing schoolwork:

1) Give yourself grace! Even experienced homeschoolers are sometimes “winging it.” And it takes time to find what works for you and your kids.
2) Create boundaries to separate working time from school time from family time.
3) Set office hours and use block scheduling for organization.
4) Delegate to a babysitter or mother’s helper for assistance with the hands-on and outside-the-house activities you don’t have time for.
5) Be flexible. Can you do lessons and homework help in the evenings and on weekends? Can you get up extra early to get in hours on your job?
6) Try the Pomodoro Technique for organization: Categorize your to-do list and work through each category on a rotating basis for predetermined chunks of time.
7) Make use of typically lost time by keeping easy or routine to-dos at hand to do when waiting on appointments, in the car, etc.
8) Categorize your work as interruptible and non-interruptible. So you can work alongside your children and help them while you’re doing interruptible work.
9) Help your children take responsibility for their own work.
10) It’s ok to give chores, busy work, or entertaining things for your kids to do while you’re working.

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