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Get the tips, tricks, inspiration, and expert input to help you homeschool in North Carolina and beyond. There are lots of great homeschool podcasts out there, but only Triangle Homeschool Resources brings you the information you can use right here in the Raleigh-Durham area. Everything from curriculum to co-ops, testing to college applications! We believe you can have a successful and fulfilling homeschool journey and we’re connecting you with the community that will help.


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001: Welcome to the Triangle Homeschool Resources Podcast!

002: Best Tips for All Stages of Homeschooling with Jennifer Knick and Vanessa Wright

003: Minimalist Homeschooling with Zara Fagen, PhD

004: Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility with Charla McKinley

005: What Can Hands-On Do For Learning? With Penny Mayes of Take Time for Art

006: Before You Quit Homeschooling, Try the Reset Button!

007: Classical Homeschooling with Lisa Nehring

008: Unschooling with Julie Polanco