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Laina Yeisley, Owner
Laina Yeisley, Owner

When my oldest came home from preschool complaining that school was boring and he hated it, I knew that I had to look for something different. At the time, I thought that meant just a different home in a different school district in our home state of Pennsylvania. So in the interim while we did some house-hunting, I began looking into homeschooling. I figured I couldn’t screw up teaching Kindergarten. That would give us a year to get settled elsewhere, right?

But after that year, we found ourselves uprooted and moving to North Carolina. The lack of snow and abundance of sweet tea were definite pluses; the confusion caused by figuring out county-wide school systems, magnet schools and year-round schedules was definitely a minus. Two years later, we were enjoying our new home and homeschooling our now 2nd-grader and his kindergarten-aged sister, and, we realized, we really liked it!

So here we are, entering our 10th year of this journey, and boy, has it been a journey! We’ve added a 3rd child to the mix, a full 10 years younger than his siblings. A teen, a tween and  a toddler – oh my!

Along the way, I’ve tried just about every style of homeschooling, countless ways of scheduling, a half dozen co-ops and support groups, and new curriculum every 6 months or so.  I’ve learned a thing or two in the process: I’ve learned to find the joy in the journey; I’ve learned that abandoning a curriculum is not a failure; I’ve learned that allowing my children to follow their passions is a great method of education. I’ve also come to discover that in eastern North Carolina, you just about trip over educational opportunities!

I still have to figure out this homeschooling high school thing, and how to officially launch a kid into adulthood. And right about the time I’ll think I’ve gotten that settled, I’ll be starting all over again with a Kindergartner. Oh, mercy!

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Founding member of Triangle Women in Business since 2019.

Laina was featured in the TWIB Member Spotlight in May 2019.

The Triangle Homeschool Resource Center is dedicated to helping families in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina connect to everything they need to help make their homeschool journey fulfilling and successful.


The first step on everyone’s homeschooling path is getting educated about local homeschooling laws, and about what this thing called homeschooling really is. Let us help you separate the fact from the fiction, and turn fear into fortitude. The Triangle Homeschool Resource Center aims to provide articles, events and courses to educate you with the first steps, and every step that follows. Whether it’s withdrawing a student from school, finding the math curriculum for your kinesthetic learner, or transitioning to high school and beyond, we hope you’ll find the answers and inspiration you need right here.


You are not on this homeschooling journey alone! In fact, your students are in the company of over 130,000 North Carolinians. The Triangle Homeschool Resource Center’s live events are aimed at helping homeschoolers connect with one another. There are hundreds of homeschool supports on social media, but after a rough day of cajoling through lessons and coaching through sibling spats, sometimes you just need a real person across the table who gets it. If you need a homeschool Mom tribe, or your children need a co-op, and you all want some field trips, let us help you get connected!


So maybe you’ve been through a half dozen co-ops, but they all provide classes for Spanish and your children want to learn Japanese. Maybe you’re looking for field trips that are adventures in road-tripping, but none of your homeschool crowd wants to drive more than 30 minutes. Maybe none of those pretty homeschool planners work for your style of organization. If the resource you need isn’t out there, The Triangle Homeschool Resource Center will mentor you through creating what you wish existed.