Advanced Anatomy & Physiology

Advanced Anatomy and Physiology for homeschool high school students on Tuesdays at 11am

Advanced Anatomy & Physiology

 Angel Ballentine

Dates/Time: Tuedays 11am-12:30pm | September 5 – December 19 
Member Price: $480
Non-Member Price: $672

Grade Level: 11th-12th (recommended)

Max # of students: 12 
Materials: Students should come to class with basic school supplies (notebook, folder, pens, pencils).


Welcome to an advanced high school biology course for aspiring healthcare professionals and advanced college-bound students. Led by an experienced physical therapist, this engaging class offers a deep exploration of the human body and its systems.

Through captivating multimedia presentations, discussions, and expert guidance, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of biology. Whether you’re considering a healthcare career or have a passion for biology, this course provides a solid foundation for further studies.

Join us on an enlightening journey through human anatomy and physiology. Explore topics like body organization, chemistry, cells, tissues, disease, and more. Delve into the intricacies of body systems, including the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, sensory, and others.

The curriculum from the National Healthcareer Association caters to healthcare-bound students and those seeking a broader understanding of biology. With comprehensive knowledge and guidance, you’ll be prepared for future studies.

Enroll in this transformative course to unlock the mysteries of the human body, gain skills for academic success, and broaden your scientific understanding. Whether pursuing a healthcare career or simply interested in biology, this course equips you to excel in your academic pursuits and beyond. Prepare for a fascinating exploration of life’s wonders.

Cancellation/refund policy: 

Deposits are fully refundable if registration is canceled within 14 days of the deposit. After 14 days post-deposit, the deposit is non-refundable. 

About Your Instructor

Angel Ballentine, Phoenix Physical Therapy, Anatomy and Physiology instructor

Angel has practiced physical therapy in her hometown of Raleigh, NC for over 20 years. She has spent her career providing quality therapy, being a patient advocate, and honing her expertise in the areas of orthopedics, sports management, pain management, and more.

During this time, it became clear that physical injuries did more than limit what her clients were able to do, but it had a significant effect on their mental health as well, limiting their ability to thrive. She has spent her career dedicated to identifying the unique needs of each client in order to aid them in achieving their personal mobility goals.

Angel looks forward to sharing her passion for physical health with students, especially those interested in health-related careers.

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