NEW!! Getting Started – Events for new homeschoolers!

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I am so excited to announce that we have some great live events coming up! 

Events for new homeschoolers!

If you have questions about homeschooling in North Carolina, but can’t escape for an in-person presentation, then a webinar might be for you! And if you really want your questions answered face-to-face, then skip right ahead to our Q&A event and register fast because seats are very limited!

Getting Started With Homeschooling Event Series

I’ve broken down the idea of “getting started” with homeschooling into two parts:

These are FREE webinars you can attend from the comfort of your own home, or sitting at Starbucks sipping a latte! All you need is an internet-enabled device and you can connect live.

Sure, there are articles and websites out there with these how-to’s, but sometimes you just want to hear it for yourself, and be able to ask questions in the moment rather than trying to explain through an agonizingly slow email conversation. So what are you waiting for? Register now!

Now, while these first two events in the series are really aimed at those new homeschoolers, and homeschoolers new to North Carolina, we won’t  get to cover transitions in your homeschool.

  • How do I get my high schooler into college?
  • Can I start homeschooling mid-year?
  • We were doing great homeschooling, and then came baby. Now what do I do?

If these sound more like the questions keeping you up at night, then our in-person Q&A session is for you! But hurry – seats are very limited for this 3rd and final event in our Getting Started series!

Register Now!

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