Welcome to our First Annual Learn-Along!

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I’m so excited to announce The Triangle Homeschool Resource Center’s First Annual Learn-Along! 

Let’s come together as a community to learn from one another, grow as homeschool parents, and help our kids have fun learning in the process!

Just what IS a Learn-Along?

My daughter and I are crafters and we’ve participated in several group activities know as “craft-alongs” (or knit-alongs, crochet-alongs, etc). I was inspired to create this community activity to create a unit study or interest-based learning activity where we will pick a topic and spend 6 weeks diving into learning about it with our families.

While we learn, we’ll create activities for all ages, brainstorm, and share resources like books, websites, games, and discuss all the ways we can work these things into our homeschools.

Who can participate?

Any family can participate from wherever you are!

Whether you’re homeschooling, or just trying to enrich your child’s school learning, you are welcome to join in and get some fun ideas for how you can pursue learning with your children.

How do you participate in the Learn-Along?

I’ll be going live on Facebook every Monday at 10am est.  Tune in to get ideas, find out what’s next, and share how your family is learning.

That’s it! No groups or programs are necessary to join. I’ll be sharing the videos on YouTube and here on the website for replay.

If you would like access to my daily learning diary, printables and journal pages I create, and coaching on implementing this topic or any other interest-based learning in your homeschool, join our Triangle Homeschool Resource Village Learn-Along group!

Watch the intro video and then fill out the Google form poll to help choose our topic.



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