005: What Can Hands-On Do For Learning? with Penny Mayes of Take Time for Art

Take Time for Art on The Triangle Homeschool Resources Podcast

Get hands-on with art, history, and more!

We all know the value of teaching history, and study after study has shown that art education is good for kids’ overall learning, but we never seem to get the time and materials for those projects.

Listen in as Penny Mayes (Take Time for Art) and I discuss why it’s so important to take time for those hands-on experiences! Not only will you create cherished homeschool memories, but your kids will make learning connections in reasoning, logic and problem-solving!

We had a great time discussing everything from catapults to coloring pages! We hope you enjoy and learn along with us!

**NOTE: During the conversation, Penny and I chat about using her art packs for high school credit. We mistakenly say there are 15 hours involved, but actually each art pack is about 30 hours of work, which is generally equivalent to .25 high school elective credit.

Links from the episode:

UPDATE: Take Time for Art has provided us with their download for how to integrate the art packs into popular history curriculums! Enter your email below for immediate access!

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